Vimpt Free Prints

Each week we choose our favourite images from Instagram and print them for free using traditional darkroom processes.

This week's selection from Instagram

currently on week 19

Photography by s_forsati


Photography by maudlinclay


Photography by loicvenance


Photography by nicolasdecoopman


Photography by k_2town


Photography by

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To learn the Cyanotype Process please check out this awesome film by our friend Siddharth Kaneria!

Brilliant shares from our friends!

Brendan Ó Sé

I still remember the great thrill I got to receive a print from Craig. I was genuinely blown away by the gesture and the total elegance of the package and, of course, the print. It is the essence of kindness what he does. I love to think of the many people he has brought excitement to when they get their Vimpt delivery.


Thank you Craig!! My beautiful fine art print arrived safe and sound and I’m thrilled. Your craftsmanship is second to none, and your generosity amazing. I will be making a donation to @vimpt to help keep your project going. Thanks once again!!

Bonnie Gradillas

Even if I hadn't been fortunate enough to have two of my photos chosen to be Vimpted, I would share this article about the beauty of Craig Austin's project. Not only has he encouraged my love of photography, he has also introduced me to those who share my passion. Thanks, Craig, for creating such a sense of community on Instagram...and congratulations on the well-deserved article!


Thank you Craig @vimpt for this incredible #vimptfreeprint. Your generosity and your talent is unlike any other. My son and I will treasure these prints forever xxx