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    mark l chaves

    Hi Everyone,

    So, I’ve been reading up on a potential digital media trend for 2018. The potential trend is called the pillar & cluster model from HubSpot who are the inventors of Inbound Marketing.

    Pillars & clusters is something I mentioned to Craig a few months back. I’m just getting time to post about the topic now. I’m thinking we can give this model a try on Vimpt.com. Here goes 😉

    Search has changed. Instead of typing, people are having a conversation to find the information they need. ~HubSpot

    Why the Pillar & Cluster Model?

    • As sated in the quote by HubSpot above, and it’s fairly obvious if you use internet search engines and smart phones, search has changed.
    • Traditional website organisation can get messy, create internal competition for rankings, and not optimised for today’s search.
    • Therefore, the opposite of the three items above are three reasons why. Namely, we can improve website organisation, reduce internal competition for search rankings, and optimise content for today’s search algorithms.
    • Thinking about pillar and cluster also demands more mindfulness and knowledge about your audience and the content you are delivering to them.

    Here’s an example.

    1) Pillar Page: Street photography
     - Topic Clusters
      - History of street photography.
      - Definition of street photography.
      - Street photography styles.
      - Ethics of street photography.
      - How to become a street photography.
    2) Pillar Page: Alternative darkroom
     - Topic Clusters
      - Alternative darkroom techniques.
      - Alternative darkroom equipment.
      - Alternative darkroom training.

    Pillar & Cluster Model Diagram


    mark l chaves

    Follow-up examples of a Pillar & Cluster modeled web site.

    1. I recently turned my Digital Media page into a pillar page and linked three topic clusters off of it. https://www.marklchaves.com/digital-media
    2. For my wellness and life coach clients, I revived my Emotional Intelligence web page and turned into a pillar page with two topic clusters. https://www.marklchaves.com/why-emotional-intelligence

    What’s the difference?

    Typical blogs are a long list of articles of various subjects and topics in chronological order. But, as the way people search for useful information evolves, websites must follow to continue providing value.

    Here’s what it would like if I just sent folks to my blog. https://www.marklchaves.com/articles


    mark l chaves

    Just ran into this nice real-world/big name brand using the Pillar & Cluster model. I’d like to design the How-to Self Publish on Vimpt.com pillar page similar to this.



    Craig Austin

    Still trying to get my head around this model, but it’s starting to make a lot of sense. I think it would be great to see a similar approach on the How-to-self-Publish page! Thank you for your research and examples Mark. 🙏

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