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    florian kopr

    i found vimpt through the salt print pictures on instagram.
    i am an photographer and curator in photography in vienna, austria.
    i do make cyanotypies and other analogue techniques and am also doing alternative prints like serigraph printing. as a curator i organice regularly photographic exhibitions in different venues in austria and try to promote nondigital photographic processes within the artist work i show.
    looking forward to be here.


    Craig Austin

    Hi Florian,

    Really fantastic to have you join us! It’s always great to have other practitioners of historic
    processes to share experience and their work on the website. Please feel free to post any exhibitions you are involved with on the Events Calendar and use the Community Boards
    and main Articles Page to show us work you curating or making.

    We look forward to finding out more about your work!

    best wishes,
    Craig πŸ™‚


    mark l chaves

    Welcome aboard, Florian. Thanks for the lovely introduction. I’d love to see your work and the work you curate. Can you share an IG handle and perhaps your website?



    florian kopr

    thats my isntagram:
    this is my personal website:


    at the moment you find online mainly my digital works, i am just changing the website and also scanning and uploading the analogue and serigraph printings. as well as i prepare the documentation about curating and exhibitions in a seperate website.

    call for artists and exhibitions i will anounce soon as i am already preparing several πŸ™‚


    Craig Austin

    Hi Florian,

    Great! I look forward to seeing your updated websites! Please do keep us all informed about your
    upcoming exhibitions.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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