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    Hi, I am Olga van Saane, Russian-Dutch photographer/image maker based in the Netherlands. I have joined in, because I’ve always liked what Craig does, with his free prints, the whole thing, from A to Z.
    I volunteered to share the events happening in Amsterdam, but also – because I travel often and far – whatever worth to see out there, photography and inspiration wise. Personally, I am not a devoted “Instagrammer”, because I don’t do mobile photography, except for snaps on the go. I photograph, using my cameras, both digital and analogue, and make large – really large – format prints, exploring the medium (washi, currently). I also experiment with camera-less photography, (ab)using my scanner and dead frogs. I am not a social network addict: no FB, or Twitter or anything, really, – only Ello, where I photo blog, and a couple of photography-based platforms (LensCulture, ArtSlant, Flickr). I love unfamiliar places, vast spaces, my solitude, and calm of my study/lab/library. My son is a Zen Buddhist monk in South Korea, and my daughter makes amazing art with a hot glue. Now you know all about me. 🙂


    Craig Austin


    Thank you for your Intro!! I am thrilled you have joined us and will be adding content from Amsterdam!!
    I love your IG, but your website is incredible, I have been spending time with your work and will be spending a lot more, astonishing stuff! I really hope you will show some of your work here on the website and maybe do a talk about some of your projects! Your Fine Art Prints are breathtaking and it would be great to see some of your video work too!

    No pressure :0)

    Many thanks again Olga, very excited to learn lots more about your art!

    Best Wishes,

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