Facing the Zero Point – Stefan Fischer.

Stefan Fisher lead image - Vimpt Article - Facing the Zero Point by Stefan Fisher

Facing the Zero Point is a beautiful and compelling series of photographs depicting the art of Stone Balancing. Fischer’s stone sculptures, staged on the shores of the Baltic Sea, draw upon traditions of both Land Art and Performance Art, exploring the balance between harmony and chaos, creation and destruction.

My story of stone balancing began in 2014 when I first saw some incredible balances in a news magazine.

This kind of land art matched some of my basic interests … art, being in nature, the need of concentration and patience, the flow of creation and destruction.

Some of the fragile balanced sculptures last for just a couple of seconds, some for hours to have a close look on them and see them embedded in the calm landscapes…

… all just part of the same process of learning something about tranquility … and even though these sculptures are so fragile they give you a sense of great power at the same time …

‘Facing the zero point’ is the simple attempt to find the centre of gravity, the place where all forces cancel each other out and everything stops for a little moment.

The black & white edits hopefully intensify these thoughts about stone balancing as great pieces of art.

All images are taken with a smartphone and edited using the Snapseed App courtesy of the artist.

Stefan Fischer was born in 1965 and is living in Hamburg, Germany.

Visit his Instagram page at: https://www.instagram.com/stf2510/

Website: https://www.stonebalance.de

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