Sizes for Feature and Supporting Images

This help guide covers the following topics:

  1. Recommended image file sizes.
  2. Recommended image pixel dimensions (resolution) for supporting images.
  3. Recommended image pixel dimensions (resolution) for feature images.
Image file size and dimensions
Screen capture of image properties showing the file size and dimensions.

1. Recommended file sizes

A file size is the amount of bytes a file takes up on a hard drive e.g., 1,000 bytes or 1 KB. WordPress recommends large high quality images be kept between 60 – 100 KB. This is a conservative approach. I agree with WordPress’ recommendation if your post will include about ten large images or more.

Because Vimpt. is a site for visual artists, I recommend a smart approach that tries to balance image quality with web page performance (time for a browser to load a page).

A smart approach to selecting optimal file sizes

100 to 200 KB for posts with about ten images or if performance takes priority.
200 to 500 KB for posts with 2-5 images and quality takes priority.
500 KB to 1 MB or more should be avoided.

2. Supporting images

NOTE: As of October 2018, I'm seeing more support for 1080 pixels and higher on the shortest side.

In general, I like to have web images at 1024 pixels on the shortest side. This means the height of a photo in landscape orientation will be 1,024 pixels and the width will something like 1,544 pixels.

1024 pixels on the shortest side for supporting images.
Pixel dimensions diagram
Pixels for a landscape photograph with 1024 px on the shortest side.
Pixel dimensions diagram. Photo by mark l chaves.
Pixels for a portrait photograph with 1024 px on the shortest side.

Link supporting images to the media file

When you insert these 1024 images into your post, the Vimpt. WordPress theme (Uku) will scale the images to a max width of 900 pixels. Which is cool. This is how themes generally work to keep the page formatting nice an pretty. Therefore, during the insert please specify your image to link to the media file. So, when someone clicks on the image, the full 1024 pixel size version of your epic photo will be displayed for their viewing pleasure.

Link supporting images to the media file.
Select media file example
Please select media file for your supporting images.

3. Feature images

Feature images should always be in landscape orientation (wider than it is higher). Every theme has an optimal resolution for feature images. The Uku theme that Vimpt. uses recommends 1440 x 530 pixels.

1440 x 530 pixels for feature images.

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