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The New American Dreamers

Photo and interview by Sylvia Johnson


I think what drew me to music was just listening to it in the car, and wondering like, “I wonder how they play that?” I wanted to recreate that type of music. I like to explore different things and see if I can make it work. My main instrument is the violin. I just love how loose it is, how I can make it my own, make my own sound out of it.

I have albinism, and that kind of impairs my vision. So I can’t see things far away or see things close up, which is really helpful sometimes in music, because I use my ears more, listen to a song and just play it right away. I ended up getting something called “perfect pitch” from that too. There are a lot of albino musicians in Guatemala. They all play by ear.

Everyone has their own playlist. No one is the same. Mine has a weird mixture of mariachi and pop, Ariana Grande, Juanes, and classical. It’s just great to try new things, listen to new people. Try everything.

Andrea, 19

The New American Dreamers highlights the stories of some of the incredible Dreamers in our community. Created by photographers Sylvia Johnson and Kerry Sherck, and produced in partnership with the Santa Fe Dreamers Project, The New American Dreamers is a positive reframe of who many of the immigrants living in our community are. Their stories reflect the dreams, hopes, challenges, and ambitions that are inherent to all of us as human beings. In the context of such a toxic narrative currently being perpetuated about immigrants in this country, our goal with this project is to flip the perspective through stories of incredible Dreamers who are our friends, clients, and neighbors.

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