Images By Teresa Uzeda

‘Les fenêtres’ de Charles Baudelaire (extrait)


Celui qui regarde du dehors à travers une fenêtre ouverte, ne voit jamais autant de choses que celui qui regarde une fenêtre fermée.

Il n’est pas d’objet plus profond, plus mystérieux, plus fécond, plus ténébreux, plus éblouissant qu’une fenêtre éclairée d’une chandelle.

Ce qu’on peut voir au soleil est toujours moins intéressant que ce qui se passe derrière une vitre.

Dans ce trou noir ou lumineux vit la vie, rêve la vie, souffre la vie.

‘Windows’ by Charles Baudelaire (extract)

He who looks from the outside through an open window never sees as many things as one who looks at a closed window.

There is no object deeper, more mysterious, more fertile, more gloomy, more dazzling than a window illuminated by a candle

What you can see in the sun is always less interesting than what happens behind a windowpane.

In this black or luminous hole lives life, dreams life, suffers life.

  1. Wonderfully creative series. I’m such a sucker for framing, and these images prove the vast amount of framing options available to a photographer. Coincidentally today, I was just explaining to my Indonesian wife the infatuation with Elvis on velvet paintings in America. So, I was deeply moved to see Elvis in his classic Aloha From Hawaii jumpsuit costume hanging from the rear view mirror. Congrats!

  2. Thank you so much for publishing this beautiful piece Teresa Uzeda and for all of your amazing support!

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