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A Fabulous Vimpt Story and Vimpt Pic from the Great Eric Mencher!

Thank you so much to Eric Mencher for the wonderful Vimpt Pic and Story!

Thanks again for all of your kind advice, encouragement and support!

emencher From Guatemala to the Cotswolds to Mexico, a not-so-short story: Over a year ago I submitted a photo (from Guatemala) to the Instagram gallery Vimpt (@vimpt), where photographer, educator, and master printer Craig Austin (based in the Cotswolds, UK) selects images to print, typically as cyanotypes or salt prints. Not sure how he does it, but Craig makes these gorgeous prints and mails them–gratis–to photographers all over the world. I was honored when he selected the above image in April, 2016. And excited to see the print. Unfortunately it never arrived in my Philadelphia mailbox. I was a little disappointed, but thought that the print had been lost in the mail. And I didn’t tell Craig–he’s so passionate about this project, I knew he’d want to make a new print and I wouldn’t burden him with that. Well, last week, shortly after Kass (@kmencher) and I arrived to house-sit for the third time in three years in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I received a somewhat frantic email from the home-owners (who are in the US) asking if I could look for some very important tax information in a file box they had stashed away in the house. When I looked in the file box, lo and behold, along with the tax info, guess what was there? An envelope from Vimpt. With my print inside! Apparently I had given Craig the San Miguel address to send the print to and it arrived last year in San Miguel after I had already returned to the United States. The homeowners had no idea what it was or why it was sent, so they put it in their file box! Where I unexpectedly found it a few days ago. Anyway, I’m absolutely delighted with this gorgeous salt print, even more so since the image took over a year to find its way from Guatemala to the Cotswolds to Mexico. Thank you Craig! You are a master and an inspiration! (To anyone who has read this far: Craig does this gratis but accepts donations to support the cause! Please go to @vimpt for more info).


Craig Austin FRSA (@darkroom_craig) runs Vimpt and Alternative Darkroom from a small darkroom in the heart of the Cotswolds and is the print maker /darkroom nerd for PhonarNation. He has lectured and run workshops at both Coventry University and the University of Westminster.

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