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Winners of our collaboration with RainStations.

Many congratulations to @harry_bosch @jone.reed @andreas_kamoutsis @frommywindows

@giorgiolct and @stillsasa

Your Beautiful Vimpt Rain Photographs are being Exhibited from June 3rd
At Foyles Bookshop, Waterloo Station, London 6:30pm until June 17th. .
Following this your #vimptfreeprint will be sent to you. .
Thank you so much for sharing your R A I N!
Thank you to all those who took part in this Rainy Competition! A Cascade of Amazing Photographs!
Huge Thanks to Foyles @foylesforbooks and our wonderful Judges!

Craig Austin FRSA (@darkroom_craig) runs Vimpt and Alternative Darkroom from a small darkroom in the heart of the Cotswolds and is the print maker /darkroom nerd for PhonarNation. He has lectured and run workshops at both Coventry University and the University of Westminster.

  1. wow – these are gorgeous ! congrats all 🙂

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